Last Month in Pictures

Once again, I’ve fallen off the blog bandwagon. This job thing really gets in the way, I tell ya. In any case, here is a catch-up attempt. (For a much more illustrative post on chestnuts, C wrote a great one here.)

One Saturday morning we went on a little tour of three 12th century churches, led by a guide – we went inside each one and she explained all the paintings, which are mostly from the 15th century. It was a CRAPPOLA day, I was surprised to see so many people show up. But it was very interesting nonetheless.

Some of the paintings – we had gone one time before, but without a guide they might as well have been done yesterday by the local sixth grade art class. This was WAY better.

Halloween. This year we went out as “recortes” or “cutbacks” – the gory kind, as everything is on Halloween here. The details of the costumes were awesome – but hard to see in a crowd. So really, we looked like gory ghostbusters. No worries.

More Halloween.

Fidel, jammin out. Probably to Thriller or something.

Gathering chestnuts…my first time. There were literally gaZILLIONs, we came home with like 40 pounds worth.

Chestnuts grow in prickly pods like this (so you gotta wear gloves or you’ll get poked) – you can pop out the chestnuts pretty easily, but many fall from the trees and fall out by themselves so they are scattered all over the ground. I thought opening the pods was more fun, they were all like little presents.

The bounty. Everyone here LOVES roasted chestnuts, towns have chestnut roasting fiestas and everything. I’m not a huge fan – something about the texture I don’t like. But I do like going to find them.

We saw these too. Cool, huh? So Smurf-like. And noooooo, not edible.

Nope, this one either. But pretty, no?

We also spent a VERY cool and fun day in two caves – not the kind with paintings, just the kind you get on your hard hat and headlamp for, the kind that the earth made naturally beginning 70,000,000 years ago. Stalagmites, stalactites, a little bit of rappelling…awesome. This is in Cueva Escalon.

Also in Cueva Escalon. Very, very, cool.

And that about gets us to Thanksgiving, which we celebrated yesterday. That’s up next. Plus more pics of our little kitties because they are so delicious I could eat them both for breakfast.

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