Second Annual Cantabrian Thanksgiving

It was such a hit last year that we did it again. Thanksgiving in Corrales. We couldn’t actually do it on Thanksgiving Day (that stupid work thing again…), so we did it on the following Saturday. We had a much bigger crowd (21 instead of 12), a much bigger bird (8 kilos instead of 6 – and this time it actually had all its legs and wings!), and WAY. TOO. MUCH FOOD.

We were much more streamlined with the shopping – one stop at Carrefour, one stop at Lupa, and one trip to the market in Santander…primarily for fresh herbs which one lady has in a little kiosk. We even found fresh sage, which totally alluded me last year. And as for prep, I didn’t have nearly the time I did last year, but it all came together. I started Friday morning and made all the desserts: we had carrot cake, pumpkin cheesecake (although I had to sort of improvise with the crust seeing as there are no graham crackers here…I KNOW, seriously), and an apple cake with a caramel glaze. I did most of the chopping as well, at least as much as I could the day before.

We were pretty pleased with most of what we had last year, so we repeated some recipes. We did the turkey the same way, C and his cousin Carlos who is a chef (and happened to be in town) manned that and handled the gravy – all over at C’s aunts house (remember the shortage of oven space!). I started Saturday morning and was joined by my angel Aida – we made my mom’s famous broccoli casserole, changed up the potatoes this year (which proved to be a decent amount of work…not sure I’ll stick to those next time ’round, although they were pretty good), and made a different spin on stuffing with this recipe –  used freshly collected and boiled (thanks to C’s uncle!) chestnuts, local apples, mushrooms that C had found…plus all the other goodies in the actual recipe. In the end, the potatoes took way longer than we thought, and we ended up having to send the broccoli and stuffing over to the ovens at the pizzeria to cook. Thank heavens. Here are some pics.

Not a bad lookin bird, huh?

Not a bad lookin bird, huh?

Table shot. A lot of food. A lot of friends and family.

Table shot. A lot of food. A lot of friends and family.

Diggin into dessert!

Diggin into dessert!

We made so much food that we literally had Thanksgiving Round 2 the following day – and I think some of the food actually tasted better! Will remember that for next time, as I’m sure there will be one.

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