Happy January

I wrote this a while ago. Just posting to catch up.

December into January is always busy and this year was no different. C took off spend two weeks in and around Austin catching up with friends and family, then met me upon my arrival to the states for a seriously hectic week of holiday goings-on and wedding to-do list checking off. We squeezed in visits with family, two round trips to NJ for a Church visit (hello, quickest priest in the world), a tasting, and marriage license application, one round trip to DC for the official closing out of my storage space (yipee!) and a lot of American wine drinking with my parents.

I dropped C off a the airport to return to Spain and headed directly to NY to see my girlfriends for a very fun, but WAY too short weekend. I don’t know if there can ever possibly be enough girls time.

My girls at dinner at Raoul's in NYC. Happy.

My girls at dinner at Raoul’s in NYC. Happy.

Oh, and did I mention there was also a Coldplay/Jay-Z New Years Eve concert? Crazy fun.

I finished up my visit with another NJ trip for a hair (yay) and makeup (never been a makeup girl and not convinced my wedding is the time to start) dry run, a trip to the florist, and then an official MASSIVE clean-out of my remaining US based belongings. And POOF just like that I was back here to round out the holiday season with Los Reyes on January 6 (sort of like Christmas here), with the rest of 2013 stretched out in front of me.

I am not one to make resolutions. I only hope for a happy, healthy year ahead for everyone I know and love.

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