My Annual Thanksgiving Post

I have no excuses for being blog-less for so long. Life is crazy.

But our Fourth Annual Corrales Thanksgiving was the perfect reason to get back on here. One, because I like to stop at least once a year to really think about how lucky I am and how thankful I am for so many things. But also, because I realized this year that if I don’t document this day, how’m I sposed to remember what I made and who was there??? Durh.

This year I managed to lure 20 folks to come together to celebrate this very American holiday. (Although all the stores here have Black Friday sales…but, what is Black Friday without Thanksgiving?? I don’t get it. But anyhoo.) And it was extra special because 12.5% of the group was actually American, thanks to one of my very dearest friends who made the trip for a long weekend to join us.

SO. The FOOD. They say the fourth time’s the charm right? Hm. Maybe not. But ours was. Let’s start with the turkeys. Yes, plural. We had two “smaller” ones – one at 4 kilos and the other at 5. And considering the matchbox size of our ovens here, we decided to spatchcock the turkeys – essentially breaking the breast bone and flattening them out a bit – and cook them in the pizzeria ovens. They were deLISH (thanks to my hubby, he’s always in charge of the birds). They take 90 minutes to cook and come out juicy and yummy.


The spatchcocked turkeys. Doesn’t the one on the left look like he’s chillin out in a lounge chair? A relaxed turkey is a good turkey. Snort.

Can we take one second to talk about the supreme awesomeness of the word “spatchcock?” I mean, helloooo. It’s my favorite word now. I taught it to all my students. Snicker. It might even be a better word when a Spaniard says it. Seriously. I’ve also found it  very flexible, as in “You better get out of here before I spatchcock you!” Heeeeehehehe. Flexible and fabulous. But I digress.

For side dishes, I did two of the standards – stuffing, and my mom’s broccoli casserole. And two new additions which were both pretty big hits – these Roasted Squash and Onion Turnovers (which I made and froze a whole week in advance – and they cooked brilliantly right out of the freezer!!) and the Pioneer Woman’s Twice Baked Potatoes. I luff her long time. She uses lots of butter and bacon, shamelessly. She can do no wrong. Desserts were carrot cake and key lime bars. Easy peasy.

IMG_2216 IMG_2217

In any case, the day was a huge success. Everyone loved it, and I love that everyone loved it. I could watch people ooh and ahh and yummmm at my food all day.

Happiness is.

Happiness is.


And hellooooo, how freakin cute are these?? We made these. Some people should not be working in an office, they should own a store full of cute stuff. Just saying.

And now, some of the many things I’m thankful for, in addition to my hubby and my friends and family, who always, always, always top my list.

1. Whatsapp. My lifeline. My favorite public transportation pastime, because what else am I supposed to do at 10:00 at night on the bus for 45 minutes?? Clearly that time is for catching up. I am thankful for the technology that keeps me connected and for my favorite people in the states who use it.

2. Bob Harper. Yes, for real. His yoga videos keep me sane and flexy bendy. C even does it with me sometimes, as do my ninnies. It’s like family yoga hour.

3. iTunes and the silly shows that I still watch. Yes, I could hack and download them for free, illegally, like the rest of the country does. But that makes me feel bad. And I do love my shows. In English.

4. My adult students, some of whom provide me the most intriguing conversations of my week. For example, I now know an awful lot about the intelligence of ravens and how to perform a kidney transplant. And I’m in-the-know when it comes to new little baking shops or restaurants or bakeries in the city.

5. The pretty flowers in our garden. I heart lilies and the passionfruit flowers are fantabulous.

IMG_0926 IMG_1139

6. Travel, and the beautiful things you see when you leave your little world behind.

Georgia Armenia Sony 710

And now Christmas is right around the corner, and New Years…and it’ll be time to do this again before I can even blink.

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