Cantabria is a region in the north of Spain, almost directly straight up from Madrid along the coast. I just found out it’s also known as “green Spain” – and for good reason! I had no IDEA any of this was here before I visited for the first time last year, and I can’t say enough about it. Simply stunning…gorgeous beaches, stunning rocky coastlines, breathtaking mountains, prehistoric caves, and spotted with charming little towns that make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. The capital is Santander, a beautiful city of about 300,000 that is filled with great bars and restaurants and also boasts lovely coastal views.

To see more pics and read more about the region, you should check out this website for sure!

1 Response to Cantabria

  1. Val Callanan says:

    Hi Lynne,
    Your Mom told me she told you (?got that??) that I enjoy your blog — but I wanted to tell you myself. It’s great fun. In 12/4’s post, the photo of the cheese maker who’s chatting up C, look at his shoes. They look like they’re on short stilts — or are my eyes bad with age??

    You probably know this, but the tree that you love and included in the photo of the church, that’s holly, so pretty anyway but more so when it has its bright red berries.

    I enjoyed saying hi. You sound very happy. Keep on keeping on !!


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